January 26

You Are an Electrical Being!


Did you know you are an amazing power plant?  That’s correct, you are an electrical being, producing electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The question is how?  The answer is energy created from three primary inputs that include food, water, and oxygen.  70% of the energy source for that electricity is oxygen! 

This means your brain, which consumes 25% of your energy, really needs a lot of oxygen to perform at its best. The problem is if you are like most people, you’re a terrible breather. That’s right! You’re a terrible breather.  Most people breathe in short, shallow breaths, utilizing only a portion of their lung capacity.  Why is this so important?  After all, you don’t think about breathing, it just happens automatically right?  Well, that is correct, but you can learn, and your body can learn to breath in a better pattern.  Here’s why it’s so important…

Lungs have over 300 million tiny air sacs called alveoli.  These sacs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Most people vastly underutilize their lungs, taking in shallow, rapid breaths engaging a small fraction of their alveoli. If one spreads their alveoli out, they cover approximately the surface area of a tennis court.  Unfortunately, bad breathers only utilize the capacity of their alveoli that approximates the surface area of a dinner table.  Unwittingly, they are limiting their oxygen intake by the way they breathe. 

Imagine you have an oxygen fuel line attached to your brain.  Likely you are similar to most people, where their fuel line is pinched because of the way they breathe.  This makes the heart work harder to get oxygen to your body and brain, which in turn catalyzes a hormonal response due to this stress.  This chronic low-grade oxygen deprivation causes the heart to beat faster and develop rigid heart function…like an old rubber band that easily breaks. 

When you learn to breathe properly, by engaging the diaphragm, you can utilize more of your alveoli.  This opens the proverbial fuel line of oxygen to your brain, your heart now works less to supply oxygen, allowing your body to be more at rest.  This process causes a virtuous cycle whereby your heart becomes much more adaptable to changing situations (like a new flexible rubber band), which drives higher resilience and coping skills to deal with life’s difficulties. 

Start engaging all your lung capacity today by learning the techniques to open the fuel line to your brain and build greater resilience to take on the challenges of your day.  To learn more, go to www.tigerpi.com.    

Optimal performance happens when your body creates and manages electrical energy with excellent efficiency.  At the core of these processes is your brain.  The brain operates as the air traffic controller for all the systems running through your Autonomic Nervous System.  

Your body works to maintain internal stability and balance.  When this happens, it’s called Homeostasis.  Things like skin temperature, staying at 98.6 degrees, are happening all day.  When you are out of internal stability and balance it’s called Allostasis.  

So, the main idea then is to learn how to participate actively in helping your body more efficiently produce and manage electrical energy, so your power plant is running like a swiss watch! 

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